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Feb 17, 2023

Is web design synonymous with web development? In a meeting, someone introduced themselves as a web developer, and another as a web designer and a web developer. It is the source of the inspiration for this article.

Most people probably believe that the two phrases mean the same thing. In most cases, the choice is determined by the person’s understanding. Some businesses use both terms to mean the same thing.

Despite the fact that these two phrases have been used interchangeably for a long time, it is important to distinguish between them. Yes, the two are distinct, though some businesses and even educational institutions have removed the fence betweeen them. Its never too late to learn.

Consider building a house: the person who designs the house, how it should be done, where staircases should be built, what roofing should be used and how it should be done, and all of that is not the person who actually builds it. The person who comes in to build consults the design to determine what is expected of him/her. Have you ever confused a ‘architect’ with a building ‘contractor?’

In the web development industry, a web designer is the ‘architect,’ while a web developer is the ‘building contractor.However, there are a number of other factors that apply in this industry; for example, you will find a web designer whose sole role is to create visuals. This is known as a ‘Visual Designer.’

Visual design is a technology that focuses on aesthetics, such as the site’s colors, tones, language, theme, and so on. The designer ensures that the website communicates clearly to the intended users; for example, how prominent is the ‘buy’ button on an e-commerce site? Their job is to make the site as appealing as possible.

The team’s next member is an information architect/designer. This individual is concerned with the specifics of the site. Is the website functional? This includes double-checking all links to ensure they are leading the user in the right direction.

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