Domain hosting and website hosting

Web hosting and domain hosting are two distinct services, although being closely related. On internet servers, web hosts store content like a website. The domain names that visitors use to access website content are provided by domain hosts.

The distinction between the two forms of hosting is described in this guide.

Domain hosting and website hosting

Web hosting

The area where you can show the text, pictures, and videos on your website is provided by a web host. The URL that users enter to access your website, such as, is not always provided by a web host.

123hosting acts as your web host when you create a site with them. This means that in addition to giving you access to tools for maintaining and developing your material, we also give you a location online where you can show it off. Similar to how actual stores rent space in a shopping center, every 123hosting site is kept on our servers.

Domain Hosting

A domain host gives you a domain name, such as, that website visitors can use to reach you. A domain name is similar to a street address that points people to your website, but it does not represent the information that users will find there.

Hosting companies for domains keep track of them and make registration easier. If you use a domain that was registered with a third-party service provider, such as GoDaddy or Hover, they are your domain host, and you will manage your domain through them.

A built-in domain, such as, is immediately assigned when you establish a 123hosting site. Additionally, you can register a new custom domain or transfer already-registered domains to 123hosting.

How the two hosts interact

By registering a 123hosting domain, transferring a domain to 123hosting, or connecting a domain from another provider, you can link one or more custom domains to your website.

Visitors will see your 123hosting-hosted web content as long as your domain is connected to your 123hosting site, regardless of who hosts your domain. Regardless of how many domains you use, they will all point to the same primary domain. The process is comparable to email forwarding from one email account to another.

Funding the hosting

When you upgrade to a paid 123hosting plan, your plan will no longer include domain registration but will instead only offer web hosting. You can also be qualified for a free custom domain for the first year if you join up for an annual paying plan.

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