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Oct 14, 2022

Your website’s success is reliant on the domain name you choose. If you choose the incorrect one, changing it later could be challenging without hurting your brand or search engine rankings.
This makes it essential that you immediately secure the best domain name imaginable.
Some guidance. It can be challenging because you don’t want to choose the incorrect domain name while starting a blog.
To make the process easier, we at 123webhosting provide a simple 5-step framework that you can use to select the best domain for your website.
Employ keywords.
Must be succinct.
Make the word easy to pronounce and spell.
Be distinct and easily identifiable.

  1. Use keyword-rich content
    A domain’s search phrases are important. By including keywords in your domain name, you may educate search engines about the subject matter of your website. High-quality content and a great user experience, together with domain-specific keywords, can improve your Google ranking.
    It might be really challenging to find an appropriate domain with your targeted keywords that is not already taken.
    You’ll need to be creative and incorporate your keywords into other words to make your domain stand out.
  2. Continue to
    The,.net, extensions are now joined by a wide range of new ones, as well as more niche ones like photography and blogs.
    Always use as your domain extension.
    Even if it can be alluring to come up with original blog names using cutting-edge extensions, is the most reliable and well-known extension.
    Recent domain extensions,.photography, and others, in our opinion, can give the that your business is less trustworthy.
    Dot-coms are the ones that stand out the most. Many people, especially those who are less tech-savvy, automatically add “.com” to the end of every domain without giving it a second thought.
  3. Keep it short
    Although keywords are important, your domain shouldn’t be overly long. It is advisable to have a domain name that is short and memorable. Your message shouldn’t be more than 15 characters. Longer domains will be harder for your users to remember.
    Not to mention, people who write longer names are more prone to make mistakes, which could lead to a decline in traffic.
  4. It ought to be easy to say and spell
    It need to be straightforward to communicate verbally and in writing. You never know when someone might ask for your domain name in person.
    If you plan to use it to construct a formal corporate email address, it should also be straightforward to understand and spell for everyone who hears it.
  5. Stand out and be recognizable
    Your blog’s domain name needs to be memorable for you to stand out in your readers’ minds. Investigate blogs in your niche to find out what names they are using.
    Avert using a name that is already trademarked or getting accused of plagiarism by another blogger.
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