Reasons To Use Managed WordPress Hosting For Your Websites (2022)

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Dec 2, 2022

WordPress websites are the primary focus of this kind of web hosting, as you could have guessed from the name. The best content management system (CMS) in 2021 is WordPress, therefore everything a managed hosting firm does is geared for it. You can believe that a managed WordPress hosting is actually knowledgeable about the CMS of your site based on how they set up their servers and the support staff they use.

The advantages of managed hosting for WordPress

  1. Assistance from WordPress specialists
    Most hosting providers offer some kind of help, but if you use a managed WordPress service, you can be sure that their support staff is knowledgeable on WordPress. and are experts in it in addition to understanding it.
    They will therefore be able to distinguish between a potential plugin conflict, a challenging theme, and a server-level problem. They’ll be fully aware of the settings required for a WordPress site to function at its best. Additionally, they will have trustworthy recommendations if you have any additional WordPress-related queries.
  2. The ideal methods for securing WordPress
    Security should always be a concern for you, even if your website has never been compromised. Although having a managed WordPress hosting isn’t foolproof (spoiler alert: nothing is! ), you’ll benefit from the added security features. One is that, should something go wrong, the majority of managed hosting companies offer nightly backups of your website that you can quickly restore.
  3. Websites that load faster and run better
    The fact that a managed WordPress hosting entire tech stack is optimized for the WordPress experience is a significant advantage. As a result, your website should experience less downtime, load faster, and hiccups than it does now.
  4. One-click staging environments and local settings
    You’ve probably heard the adage “never edit your production site” by now. Always make minor adjustments in a staging environment to reduce the chance of a white screen of death.

You may be wondering what a staging area for WordPress is. It is a replica of your website that is in a development environment, making it a great location to safely test changes before deploying them to live servers. It’s a wonderful tool to have for any website owner’s workflow,regardless of whether you identify as a developer.

  1. Functions that go beyond server configurations
    One of the biggest advantages of a managed WordPress hosting is all the other things they can do for your company, even though quick and secure servers are essential for any high-performing website. This covers collaboration features, workflow tools, and even educational materials. The top managed hosts act more like a business partner for you than just a server provider.
  2. Adding SSL certificates is simple.
    You know that tiny green padlock next to a URL in the browser? (Or perhaps the “connection is not secure” alerts that Google Chrome displays instead?) All of it depends on whether an SSL certificate is placed on a website. And adding one to your website is now quite simple thanks to managed WordPress hosts.

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